Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Crack v19.11 + Key [2022]

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Crack v19.11 + Key [2022]

Shoviv Office 365 Crack Backup & Restore is an advanced tool for backing up boxes to PST files. Office 365 mailbox to PST export program is available in all copies of Outlook Window O.S. can be opened. and can be seen first. To make it easier for users, it offers a number of backup options, such as: for example, a schedule scheduling option (for multiple backups) and a filtered backup option (to clear data needs). the program will be useful when restoring Office 365 mailboxes. At the end of the process, the app also generates a report that you can save for future use. You can also build and manage multiple projects at once.

Shoviv Office 365 Data Recovery and Restore Keys To simplify the user experience, there are many low-cost installation options such as: B. Setting a backup option (for additional periodic extensions) and cleaning selected data (e.g. filter selected numbers). The program can greatly help in retrieving 365 mailboxes in the workplace. In the long run, the software also builds a document that can be saved for future use. He can also build and perform many tasks at once.


Shoviv Office 365 Crack Key Features:

  • Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore Keygen software has user-centric processing. All functions have been developed with this function in mind.
  • It is designed to provide the best backup and recovery service. Office 365 mailboxes are properly saved in PST format, which can be previewed in any version of Outlook. As an advanced backup and restore tool, it has all the advanced features that users could want.
  • Since users can store data in the cloud with Office 365, and data in the cloud is also easily accessible, users’ mailboxes need to be secure.
  • To avoid these problems, the software offers the possibility of securing the mailboxes of the users.
  • Most of the time, the public record contains very valuable information, so no one wants to lose it under any circumstances.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System (32 or 64 bit): Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2003/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016 (Any of them)
  • Hard Disk: Minimum 100 MB of free hard disk space.
  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended)
  • Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore Registry Key software works synchronously. It is equipped with the advancement in technology so that several jobs can run at the same time without problems. The user can restore multiple Office 365 mailboxes at the same time. The software is able to create multiple tasks and execute them simultaneously, easily, and easily.
  • It is obvious that when the data is save, the user’s work is in progress and the data is also gradually increasing. At the end of the backup process, some data will also add to the mailboxes. All of this happens with Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore software.
  • The restore function makes backing up and restoring Shoviv Office 365 something special. This allows the user to restore the backup file to Office 365 mailboxes. No prior technical knowledge is required for this step, and anyone can easily perform this task.
  • You can also upgrade multiple mailboxes in Office 365 at once. If the user wants to read emails, he can do so without going through the recovery process.
  • Ability to work simultaneously without interruption; show the greatness of the program.
  • Shoviv Office 365 repair and restore software and registry numbers allow users to connect the entire process. Once the process is complete, you can evaluate. At the end of the process, users can use the software to create a complete report of activity including details such as file name, item number, and list of products. For future information; Users can also save the report.
  • Step 1: Download the link from the links below.
  • Step 2. After exporting, unzip the zip file using WinRAR or WinZip.
  • Step 3: Run setup.exe from the deleted file.
  • Step 4. Process and install until installation.
  • Step 5: Close the program and restart.
  • Step 6: Complete
  •  Finaly, Enjoy the complete no-brainer.


No one wants to get into trouble and obstacles or repeat tasks, which always leads to bad experiences, and Shoviv knows this. To make the backup process convenient and easy to do and improve the good work experience; The software has many such functions, e.g. B. You do not need to log in to create and run jobs.
For timely backup, the software allows regular scheduling of the backup process based on user needs.

Moreover, This feature allows the user to define a time interval for backing up mailboxes. The software offers regular backup options. By selecting the “Daily”, “Weekly” and “Monthly” options, the software automatically starts backing up mailboxes and the user can no longer remember the backup process.

However, Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore Product Key software has an effective filter option to solve the problem of backing up unwanted data. With this, you can only select the data required for backup and escape unwanted data. The filtering option filters by “Date”, “Articles”. The user now receives a backup copy of only the desired items and data of the desired date range only.

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